Inkwell | Co-Pilot for Crafting Emails


Your Smart Co-Pilot for Crafting Intuitive Emails.

Unleash AI-powered email replies, perfectly personalized, context-aware, mirroring your unique writing style at just one click.

Available for Chrome, Brave and Edge

Context Aware

Inkwell takes the context of the email from the subject line and the email thread to craft the perfect reply.

Tone & Intend

Define the Tone and Intend of email to craft perfect email for your requirement.

Writing Style

Provide couple of emails to Inkwell to learn your writing style and it will craft emails in your style.

Privacy Friendly

We don't store any of your emails on our servers. Only essential data is stored to provide you the service.


Inkwell understands and can craft emails in multiple languages, opening up a world of connections for you.

Coming soon

Train on your data

Instantly answer emails using your own data. Train Inkwell with your website content, PDFs, etc., and it will craft emails in your style.


We've crafted various plans to match your unique needs. From beginners to seasoned individual users, there's a perfect plan waiting just for you.


Get 2 months free on yearly plans


$0 / year
billed yearly
  • Basic AI
  • 10 emails / month
  • Writing style
  • 5 activations


$60 / year
billed yearly
  • Basic AI
  • 1500 emails / month
  • Writing style
  • 5 activations


$290 / year
billed yearly
  • Advance AI
  • 3000 emails / month
  • Writing style
  • Train on your data (coming soon)
  • 5 activations
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